Grow More Spiritually

For 2017, I have chosen to use the Robert Murray M’Cheyne Plan to read through the Bible in a year.  M’Cheyne (sometimes spelled McCheyne) was a 19th Century Scottish preacher, who in only 30 years of life made an impact on the world - so much that we are still using the Bible plan he authored … Continue reading Grow More Spiritually

6 Challenges for 2017

2017 is a New Year with New Opportunities to tackle life and leadership - yet we still serve the Same God who offers the Same Promises!  With that in mind, instead of putting together a long list of unattainable goals for 2017, this year, with God’s help I will tackle six practical challenges for daily … Continue reading 6 Challenges for 2017


Welcome!  My prayer is that this blog will provide a unique opportunity for us to learn creatively, think strategically, and grow spiritually!  May God provide encouragement and blessing to each reader, through plain words and thoughtful musings. Although I don’t have everything figured out, through life and ministry experience, study of scripture, strategic thinking, common sense, … Continue reading Welcome to the ACTIVATE LEADERSHIP BLOG!