Theme of the Year (part 1)

For the past three years, each year, God has given me a Theme of the Year.  This "theme" is often a directive from God for the upcoming year and season of my life.  It also embodies the central focus of my goals for that specific year.  As I now look back, I can clearly see … Continue reading Theme of the Year (part 1)

The Fourth Stage

Sometime ago, Perry Noble, Senior Pastor of New Spring Church in South Carolina, posted thoughts on his blog about the four stages he's gone through as a leader. As I began to look over these thoughts again, I realized that I had finally made it to the fourth stage. #1 - I want to see … Continue reading The Fourth Stage

Ten Minute Tuesdays

Check out this new segment from the EPIC Teaching Podcast and the EPIC Blog called, "Ten Minute Tuesdays." Ministry Vision: EPIC Church is a multi-cultural and multi-generational church in the KC metro area that exists to make Jesus famous, one life at a time. Ministry Target: the pre-churched and the de-churched. Ministry Approach: creative, casual … Continue reading Ten Minute Tuesdays