The Celebration of Salvation

There is nothing like being involved in planting a church.  The thrill and the joy of seeing a person come through the door and accept Jesus into their heart is unparalleled. We have had the wonderful privilege of leading several dozen people to the Lord in a few short months at EPIC and that is … Continue reading The Celebration of Salvation

A Change of Pace

This is one of my favorite times of the year. After a hard and stressful winter, I enjoy the change pace as spring begins to make it's appearance. I love seeing people who rarely come out in the winter...they sometimes sprout wings just to catch a glimpse of the warm weather. Seeing all this causes … Continue reading A Change of Pace

The Details of Our Big Day (Part 2)

At 10:00am, the first service of EPIC Church began at the Pharaoh Theater in Independence.  There were thirty five people in attendance.  That is thirty five chances for connection, thirty five potential salvations, and even thirty ministers or missionaries in the making. By 10:05am, Charissa and I were finishing up our first song.  It was during this song that … Continue reading The Details of Our Big Day (Part 2)

Kensington Church

A couple of Wednesday nights ago, I had the opportunity to visit the New Community Service at Kensington Church. Kensington Church is a popular, cutting edge, mega-church here in Metro Detroit, Michigan. Kensington has 4 campuses, together averaging over 7,000 people in it's weekly services. Not only is Kensington considered a Mega-Church, it is considered … Continue reading Kensington Church