7 Simple Principles (Part 2)

4.  The importance of effective preaching -The enemy of excellent preaching is busyness; spend adequate time preparing and researching your messages. -Speak to the mind; help your people learn something new each week. -Inspire them in some way; speak to their heart. -Give them a specific example of how they can respond to the message. … Continue reading 7 Simple Principles (Part 2)

7 Simple Principles (Part 1)

On Tuesday at an A/G Sectional lunch, I had the opportunity to listen to Adam Hamilton share a few principles on leadership in the church.  Adam Hamilton pastors the largest United Methodist Church in the nation.  Church of the Resurrection is located in Leawood, Kansas and is home to 12,000+ members.  Here are a few … Continue reading 7 Simple Principles (Part 1)