It’s the last day of the year – Sunday, January 31, 2017.  It’s the perfect day to leave your mark on 2017.  

You may say, Dustin, it’s the last day of the year… isn’t it too late to leave a mark on 2017?  Shouldn’t we be talking about leaving a mark in 2018.  I don’t believe so!  The Bible says that now is the day of God’s favor, today is the day of salvation.  Today, this is the day that the Lord has made.

God is NOT done with 2017 until the clock strikes twelve tonight.  He wants to challenge us today to get in gear for all He hopes to accomplish for the sake of His kingdom in 2018.  My prayer is for every single one of us to make a decision today that would leave a stamp on this year and set us up for the year to come.  There’s no greater way to end 2017!

The world has differing views on what it means to “leave your mark.”  There are many articles, blogs and Facebook posts.  Even a few books.  One had this title and thesis: Leave Your Mark. Land Your Dream Job. Kill It In Your Career. Rock Social Media. Create Your Own Joy.  Create Your Own Positive Karma… and so forth.

This is what the world thinks leaving a mark is all about.  I don’t have the time to debunk all of these myths, but there are clearly a few things wrong here. 

Let me be clear… there is nothing wrong with setting goals and objectives… even New Year’s Resolutions.

There is nothing wrong with cleaning house or riding the closet of things you don’t need, wear or use. 

There is nothing wrong with getting rid of bad habits or using this day as an opportunity to leave behind what you don’t want to take into 2018.  

There is nothing wrong with wanting to do well and go to the next level in 2018.  

God has given us this opportunity in the space-time continuum and it’s not by chance.  It is our opportunity to use it strategically!   

However, #leavingyourmark is much bigger than a New Year’s Resolution. Remember, as you enter 2018, you have the opportunity to #leaveyourmark everyday.  Not just on January 1 – not just in the first 21 days or first month – but everyday.

The truth is…#leavingyourmark begins everyday with everyone, everywhere! Who can you reach, influence, and impact for the cause of Christ? Leaving your greatest legacy always begins and ends with people.

#leavingyourmark begins with leaving yourself at the foot of the cross. What can you give up, go after, and prioritize for the kingdom of God?  There is no greater priority than following the one who left the greatest legacy for us to follow.

So here’s your chance!  You can begin right now.  You can cross the line of faith and begin 2018 with a fresh start.  Take courage.  Take your shot.  Are you ready to #leaveyourmark on 2017?

Let’s go!

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