Dear President Obama:

You have just a few days left in office.  We have not always seen eye to eye.  I have not always agreed with your policies or your outlook on the world.  There are many things about your presidency that I just can’t understand.  

However, you have served the Office of The President of the United States with warmth, humility, and grace.  You have served without any personal scandals and have proved to be a decent family man, a true man of the people.

I remember how I felt 8 years ago when you were first elected president – our first black president.  I remember talking to my grandmother on the phone after she had been crying all day, reliving her life in Ferriday, Louisiana, and Pontiac, Michigan, and never in her wildest dreams imagining this feat.  I remember my mom recounting the racism she dealt with in the school system and the many times she had to walk for miles because the buses would not take her anywhere.  

I remember how I felt in grade school when my friend Jonas Gray and I, both voiced our desire to be President of the United States.  Our moms laughed because they knew the truth.  Lo and behold, I now serve as a minister and the director of an inner-city non-profit, Jonas is an NFL football player, and well, you sir, are the President of the United States.  

Thank you President Obama for these last 8 years.  Thank you for your leadership.  Thank for you dealing with negativity.  Thank you for surviving and making it through.  We still have a long way to go – our cities need help, our people are still dying in the streets, and so many of us are still living in poverty.  But I do have hope that, yes – we – can!  


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