2017 is a New Year with New Opportunities to tackle life and leadership – yet we still serve the Same God who offers the Same Promises!  With that in mind, instead of putting together a long list of unattainable goals for 2017, this year, with God’s help I will tackle six practical challenges for daily living, strategic decision-making, and maximum impact.

Here are my Six Challenges for 2017:

Grow More Spiritually.  I desire to spend more time in God’s word.  More time in prayer and worship.  More time enlarging my capacity for God and leadership.  I want to grow more and know God better this year. 

Give More Sacrificially.  Collett and I are poised to give more than 18% of our income away this year.  We have committed to give our lives away to see others impacted by the gospel both locally and around the world.  We encourage others to follow in our footsteps and give above and beyond their means.  

Think more Strategically.  Conversations. Relationships. Divine Appointments.  Using every moment and every opportunity for God’s glory.  Using time wisely.  Using resources purposefully. Investing in the next generation.  Creating systems that work and affect the kingdom.  Building ministry to change the world, one life at a time (more to come that directly affects @powercompanykidsclub). Making the most out of every moment and everything.

-Talk more Sincerely.  Sharing life. Challenges. Wins. Battles. Doing life through conversation and fellowship. Breaking bread. Coffee. etc.

-Learn more Selfishly.  Spending time learning for me and my future personally – not just for ministry projects or assignments.  Taking time away to disconnect and grow personally – spiritually and in miscellaneous and practical knowledge.

-Love more Seriously.  Dating and spending time with my wife.  Loving Everyone.  Simply.  Loving family members that need Christ.  Loving people I encounter everyday and going out of my way to invest in them. Loving people with the love of God.

My hope is that in committing to these six challenges throughout 2017 I will be a better man and leader a year from now.  I pray these challenges will encourage you as well.  Here’s to 2017!  What is God challenging you in this year?

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