One of the things that I have set out in my heart to do in 2012 is to:


Dreaming is pivotal to fulfilling a life of vision and purpose.  I have been a dreamer for as long as I can remember.  Even as a child God begin to reveal dreams in my heart and life.  I can remember hearing the voice of God as a 10 year old child.  God spoke these words audibly: “Dustin, I want you to be a pastor.”  That moment was one of the defining moments of my life – the birth of a dream.

Are you a dreamer?  Has GOD given you a dream?  Have you had a vision birthed in your heart that has yet to be revealed?

Maybe 2012 is the year for you to DREAM BIG.  I am not talking about dreaming a small dream.  I am not talking about dreaming a dream that you could accomplish on a really good day with really good weather.  There are a lot of good dreams that are not GOD DREAMS and GOD DREAMS are BIG DREAMS.

God’s desire is for you to DREAM BIG.  BIG DREAMS lead to BIG PRAYERS.  BIG PRAYERS require BIG FAITH.  BIG FAITH is only obtained through trusting a BIG GOD.  Want to know what a BIG DREAM is?  It is a dream that could you could never accomplish on your own. It is a dream that would require GOD to intervene and do something BIG.

Joseph dreamt BIG DREAMS.  You can read them in Genesis 37.  These were dreams that no one believed were possible or would ever happen.  Joseph’s own brothers disowned him for believing that such a dream could come true.  His own father even had a hard time believing his BIG DREAMS.  Yet through it all, Joseph never wavered in his devotion to God.  When the enemy did all that he could to put out his dream, Joseph held on to the promise that God had given him.  Eventually, Joseph’s dream came true – and boy was it a BIG DREAM.

This is why I have the ability to DREAM BIG.  I want GOD to do something BIG through me, for His own glory.  In order to do that, I know I must dream BIG DREAMS.

Will you join me?  Will you dream BIG DREAMS?  Don’t limit yourself or GOD in 2012. God has something BIG in store for you.

One thought on “BIG DREAMS

  1. dustin…God has already given me SOOO many opportunities to minister…but I also want to dream BIG. thanx for your encouragement. this year my ministry needs to have focus and porpuse….and i definitely see that in YOU!…john

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