These are the two words that God gave me at the beginning of 2011:

Paradigm Shift

Each year God gives me a theme that I follow and walk out through the year.  The theme is a guide for my life in that given year.  Many of my goals for that season come from this foundation that God gives.  The word that God clearly spoke to me at the beginning of this year was “Paradigm Shift.”  I had very little idea of what those words actually meant – so I did some research.

A paradigm is a pattern or way of thinking.  It’s a particular perspective and outlook.  So… a paradigm shift is simply a change in perspective or a shift in one’s way of thinking or outlook.  Often times it comes in the way of an epiphany.

I had no idea what those words meant in terms of this year and this season of my life.  I had no idea that this was really a year of transition for me.   At the onset of this year I was starting out in a completely new season of life. God had brought me home to fulfill the calling of my life in the City of Pontiac. I thought that was all the transition I needed. But God wanted so much more.

I didn’t realize that I needed a “paradigm shift” to take place. I didn’t realize that my perspective on life wasn’t in the right place. I had no idea my prayer life needed a shift. I had no idea that I needed a new outlook on my walk with Christ. I am just now realizing that I needed a paradigm shift in order to fulfill God’s plan for me in the future.

Although I didn’t pray or even think about these words every day, they took root in my heart and I realize now what God meant. This year has been one giant epiphany. God has shifted everything about me!  I am so thankful and I know this is just the beginning.

God laid some foundational promises for my life in this year.  Some of these promises are for the future, some are for the present, and some are for every day.  God brought these to me through prayer and time spent with Him.  Some came through time spent with my Spiritual Father – others through sermons heard at my home church.  Still more came through a couple of books that have helped to expand my perspective in this year (you wouldn’t believe me if I told you that I found the words “paradigm shift” smack dab in the middle of the both of them!).

I make no resolutions for the New Year.  I realize that these are often made in haste and in the brief splendor of looking ahead at all we want to see accomplished in the next year.  But I do make a declaration for my life.  I will stand on the promises of God.  I will stand on the promises of scripture.  I will stand on the promises God has given me for my life.

I get it God.  I have a new perspective.  I’m ready to see your will and plan revealed.  A paradigm shift has taken place.  Onward to 2012.

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