1. On Saturday morning our pastors gathered at EPIC Church for a few final preparations for our two EPIC Experiences on Sunday.

2. It was a cool fall Saturday. It was enjoyable.

3. I went out to Blue Springs with Brian on Saturday afternoon to see The Moving Wall. The Moving Wall is a replica of the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial in Washington D.C.

4. My mom gave me a name to look up on The Moving Wall. Marine PFC Phillip A. Hill died in the Vietnam war just over a month after his deployment. My mom went to high school with Phillip and his family. It was great to connect this history and honor on a deeper level.

5. After much anticipation and preparation we had our first Sunday with two EPIC Experiences at EPIC Church.

6. Sunday was a great day overall. We had record attendance with plenty of visitors. The two experiences went over very well and should allow for a great season of natural growth at EPIC Church.

7. Bobby started a brand new series called The Winning Hand. Listen to his message Going All In here.

8. It is great to see God continue to move at EPIC Church. These past two years have been the most exciting time of my entire life. Leaving EPIC Church will be bittersweet.

9. Sunday evening I joined in service with The United Methodist Church of the ResurrectionDowntown Campus. The United Church of the Resurrection in Leawood, Kansas is the largest United Methodist Church. The church is led by Adam Hamilton. The downtown campus was launched about a year ago and is reaching out to hundreds of people each week.

10. Although the service was different than that which I would normally participate in, it was wonderful time. The service at this downtown church was very refreshing. It is good at times to quietly acknowledge God and accept the fact that we must completely rely on Him.

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