For the past few weeks, I’ve been mulling over the word “NO.” For most of us, hearing the word no is usually a bad thing. From being denied for a job position, to our kids telling us no in disobedience, to the simple no of intense opposition, we can rarely see the good of it. But lately I’ve been reminded that no can be a good thing.

Almost two weeks ago, my good friend Pastor John Gunn lost his wife to cancer. For 18 months, hundreds, I’m sure even thousands, prayed for God to intervene and heal Michele Gunn. He chose not to. Some would think that God did not respond. But Pastor Gunn has been quick to state that God did respond. He said no and no is still an answer.

It takes great faith to trust a no. In that faith, we must realize that if God is saying no now, there is a greater yes coming. Through the no He is not rejecting us, punishing us, or forgetting about us. No is not rejection. No is protection! With a no God is simply preparing us for what is yet ahead.

God said NO to John & Michele Gunn here, but He said YES in Heaven.

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