Are you a Christian?

This week at EPIC Wednesday I spoke from Acts 11 on Called Christians.  We find in Acts 11 the first time believers are called Christians – an act that is done most likely out of criticism from non-believers. The Christian name is one we associate ourselves with in the faith.  Unfortunately, the meaning and use of this name has become blurred.

A Christian is to be a follower of Christ.  A Christian ought to be someone who is set out to be like Christ.  The name Christian is very often used in simply a religious context today.  Many simply associate themselves as being a Christian or being “Christian” but they have very little knowledge of what that means.  That happens because people want to belong to something that is greater than themselves, for there is great power in Christ. But there is very little knowledge in what being a Christian actually means.  The unfortunate thing is that many believers don’t care to know either.

The believers of the early church were not simply called Christians but they were called to be Christians. Believers today are called in the same way.  We aren’t simply called to be religious or to have a name that we can associate ourselves with because we prayed a prayer once.  We are called to be Christians. We are called to be followers of Jesus – people who seek after Him in hoping to become like Him.

Are you a Christian?

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