Numbers matter!

Do numbers really matter? Well, they have to matter to some degree because God wrote an entire book of the Bible on numbers! But numbers definitely matter for EPIC.

We have noted that we have had more people than we had on Easter Sunday every week since. We mark this not because we are excited about reaching a certain number. We mark this not so that we can handout a cool stat. We mark this because the numbers equal more souls being exposed to the gospel. That is exciting.

Let me break the numbers down for you:

  • When more souls are exposed to the gospel, there is an open opportunity for more people to make a commitment to follow Christ.
  • When more people make a commitment to follow Christ, we have a greater potential for more laborers in the Kingdom.
  • When we have more laborers in the kingdom, we have a greater emphasis on the depopulation of Hell and the population of Heaven.
  • When Heaven is populated and that so over and over again, then God is glorified over and over again!

Numbers matter!

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