Here is a recap of this weekend at EPIC:

  • Yesterday, we continued our MIRACLE GROW series with the message entitled, “Deeply Rooted.”  You can listen to that message here. We must make sure that we are truly committed to God and deeply rooted in our faith as we are praying for a miracle!
  • I had the chance to fill in for Bobby at the EPIC Experience as he spoke in the services over at Sheffield Family Life Center in Kansas City, MO.  Bobby will be back with us this Sunday.
  • We had another RED SUNDAY yesterday.  Someone wearing red won a $50 gas card!  Then, later that afternoon, the Chiefs won!  It was great.  We have three RED SUNDAYS in a row beginning in two weeks – get ready!
  • Last night, we had our EPIC Movie Night over at the Pharaoh Theater.  We had a great time of fellowship together as we watched “A Christmas Carol” from Disney.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving this week, from all of us at EPIC! :D

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