Here is a recap of the EPIC Experience yesterday:

  • We continued our MIRACLE GROW series yesterday with the message, “Grasshopper & Giants.” You can listen to the message here.
  • We are continuing to step out in faith and pray for miracles to take place at EPIC Church, specifically over the next eight weeks.  If you have a special prayer need email us at  The EPIC team prays for the needs of EPIC throughout the week.
  • Every Friday during our MIRACLE GROW series will be a Fasting Friday. We encourage you to take the time out and fast in an area of your life on Friday of each week.  Spend that time praying for miracle grow!
  • During our video announcements yesterday at the EPIC Experience, we shared a few updates and pictures from our new facility.  You can read those updates and see those pictures here.
  • We will be having an EPIC Movie Night at the Pharaoh Theater, where we meet weekly, on a Sunday night this month.  We will join in together as church and watch “A Christmas Carol” from Disney. The date and time for this event is still being determined – I will post more updates as they become available.

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