Just do it!

I love the story of Jonathan and his armor bearer in 1 Samuel 14. You can read it here.  In this story, the Israelites had been hiding out in caves, in holes and under pomegranate trees, just trying to stay away from the Philistines.  God had called the Israelites to do something great, but they were afraid.

The Philistines were big and bad.  Where there were 600 Israelites (out of the original 3000 that first joined), there were 6,000+ Philistines.  Not only were the Philistines fully staffed, but they were also fully resourced.  The Philistines had every article that you would need for fighting in a battle.  At this time in scripture they also had a hand over the iron industry.  The Philistines were clearly ready for battle.

Saul told his men to stay put while they came up with a “plan.”  Jonathan was fed up with his father’s orders and tired of sitting around, so he and his armor bearer left the camp.  While on this journey, Jonathan asked his armor bearer if he would follow him in fighting a section of the Philistines.  Jonathan said, “Perhaps the Lord will act in our behalf.” I would have said, “NO, I need more confirmation than that,” but Jonathan’s armor bearer chose to follow him into the unknown.

I wish that I had the kind of faith that Jonathan and his armor bearer had.  They know that God has called them to do something great, but they don’t have any answers for how they are going to get there.  But in this moment, these two young guys just do it. They choose not to hide out waiting for the ultimate sign from God.

Sometimes God is asking us to just do it! We want a miracle to take place in our life, in our family, at our job…but we usually aren’t willing to step out in faith and see God perform that miracle.  We want him to do all of the work, just like the Israelites did.  But we must choose to be like Jonathan and his armor bearer and step out in faith, so that we can see God perform a miracle.

Jonathan made it very clear when he said, “Nothing can hinder the Lord from saving, whether by many or by few.” There were just two young guys, but with their faith, God was going to perform a miracle.  So the two showed themselves to the Philistine army.  The Philistines then called them up to where they were so that they could, essentially, be killed.  But that’s not what happened.  As Jonathan and his armor bearer climbed up to where the Philistines were, a miracle took place. The Bible says that Jonathan and his armor bearer killed 20 men in half an acre of land.  Only one of them even had a sword!  It was then that the ground shook.  A panic broke out within Philistine camp – so much so that they began to fight each other.  It was a panic sent by God.

Jonathan and his armor bearer just did it. They took the risk, they stepped out in faith, and they saw God perform a miracle.  They knew that NOTHING could hinder the Lord from saving – no Philistine army, not any number of men, nor any man’s lack of faith.

So here’s the question…what is God asking you to just do? Where is God asking you to step out in faith? Whatever it is…just do it! You may not have all of the answers, but trust me, it’s worth it!

When you just do it, as Jonathan and his armor bearer did, you can see the ground shake as well.  It is then that you can see a miracle performed in your life.  It is then that the very foundation of your life will be shaken as well.

Just do it – even with the risks.  Talk to that co-worker that so desperately needs Christ.  Give that extra amount of time or treasure that God is asking for.  Trust in God for a physical healing in your body.  Just do it – and you will see a miracle take place in your life, just as Jonathan and his armor bearer did.

P.S.  I think that this is where Nike got there slogan 😀

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