Are you ready for MIRACLE GROW?

I am excited for the start of our MIRACLE GROW series on Sunday.  I truly believe that miracles will take place at EPIC Church during the next 8 weeks.

We live in a day and age when people have very little hope.  The economy is bad, the government seems to be corrupt, and the H1N1 virus is virtually touching everyone.  We are deeply troubled – so much so that we have forgotten WHO has absolute control.

There dozens of miracles that are recorded in God’s word.  There are probably thousands more that didn’t even make the final cut.  The miracles that took place in the Bible can still happen today!  OUR GOD IS STILL THE SAME HE HAS NOT CHANGED!

He can still heal like he healed the man who picked up his mat and walked.  He can still cleanse like he cleansed those who were entrapped with the disease of leprosy.  He can still provided just like he provided food for the 5,000+ people.  God can still enable us to defeat the enemy like he enabled David against Goliath.

Don’t underestimate the power of God, but do anticipate miracles taking place through God’s holy power.

Are you ready for MIRACLE GROW?

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