1. Friday was a great day of work, relaxing, and refocusing. I spent some time in prayer at iHOP and in study at Starbucks.

2. God gave me this thought on meeting with Him as I studied Friday afternoon.

3. I slept in on Saturday morning…it was great.

4. The vast majority of my Saturday was spent cleaning around the house. It was fun!

5. I also got caught up on the DVR on Saturday.

6. On Saturday night, Kaleb and I spent some time practicing a new song we introduced at EPIC today.  It’s called “Free.”

7. We had the privilege of loading and setting up for EPIC in the bitter cold of October this morning!

8. We had a great turnout at EPIC Church on our 3rd RED SUNDAY. We have another one coming up two weeks from today.  We also continued out PRISON BREAK Series.

9.  I watched the Kansas City Chiefs suffer a tough loss to the Dallas Cowboys this afternoon.  Lots of yelling at the EPIC House.

10.  We had another EPIC Connection tonight.  It is always great to see people step out in faith and connect with God, others, and EPIC.  God is up to something big and I can feel it!

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