Un-Christian “Christians”

Is there such a thing? Unfortunately there is. A Christian is someone who believes in Christ, follows Christ, and wants to be like Christ – to keep the definition simple.  But Christians often only meet one or maybe two of those criteria.  The majority of Christians confess their belief in Christ, and of course that is the first step.  But so many simply stop there. Usually, if they don’t stop there then they stop at simply attending a church service every weekend. Being a Christian by definition is so much more than that.  It takes more involvement than that; it takes more contribution than that.

We must follow Christ. That sounds simple, and in many ways it really is.  Following Christ takes us hearing what He has to say, as He is willing to hear us, and then responding to one another.  It takes us wanting what He wants, living like He lives, doing what he does. It sounds kind of like a robotic lifestyle, and it is for the unchristian Christian.  For the Christian it is life itself.

Being like Christ is striving to be who He was as a person.  He was compassionate, caring, considerate, and comfortable…He was Christ. But He was also solid, selective, sterling, and sufficient…He was Savior. That is who we have to be.  That is who we have to be to those who are not Christians.  Not quick to be condescending and corrective. Not sinful and stupid. But Christian.

Don’t be the unchristian Christian. That is not what the world needs.  The world needs people who are the real deal – people who believe in Christ, follow Christ, and people who want nothing more than to be like Christ.

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