The date just two weeks ago was 9.9.09.  In celebration of the nines, I decided to put together 9 personal goals for the remainder of 2009.  These are goals that I have been praying and thinking about since the beginning of September.  These goals are meant to strengthen me spiritually and mentally, and to prepare me for a great year of 2010.  Please pray for me as I seek the Lord in humble adoration.

1.  Read 12 books. Will be a tough insightful work out.

2.  Continue to build strong relationships with those that our desperately in need of Christ.  There are 3 people that I am in contact with and speaking of specifically.

3.  Log at least 250 hours in personal prayer & worship to God.

4.  Look for opportunities to step out in blind faith.  I’ve preached it, now I want to live it.

5.  Study Isaiah 55-60 very close – almost to the point of memorization.  This is a passage that has really been on my heart over the past few months.

6.  Continue to look for leadership opportunities at EPIC Church and throughout the community.  I don’t want to be satisfied with the leader that I currently am.

7.  Focus consistently on my collegiate studies.

8.  Continue to develop myself into the man that God wants me to be for my future spouse. I’m not necessarily expecting her to come knocking at my door at the end of 2009, but I want to make sure that I am the man that I need to be when it comes to that time.

9.  Make sure to keep my priorities straight.

9 BIG goals for an even bigger GOD.  I’m working towards them now!!

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