Yesterday I shared a message on Blind Faith as we continued our Conversations series.  The message was based on the man that was born blind from John 9. You can listen to the message online here.

Here are a few important notes from the message:

  • There is an expectancy and an anticipation that we must have when we live by Blind Faith.  This must start as we attend the EPIC Experience.  We shouldn’t just expect an ordinary, routine service as we attend the EPIC Experience, but we should be ready to experience God in EPIC proportions.
  • Questions about faith are always okay, as long as they are questions that feed our faith and not our doubt.  With this, we must remember that sometimes God sends us through battles in order for our faith to be strengthened and for Him to receive the glory.
  • Doubt is the skeleton that faith grows on. It takes great doubt to have great faith.  Great faith after great doubt leads to great discovery.
  • Blind Faith is real faith. This kind of faith can’t take place if we do not believe that God can do something that seems to be impossible.  Faith puts us in position to receive a miracle.
  • Mustard seed faith can be equated to blind faith.  If we have faith as small as a mustard seed we can literally believe for God to move mountains in our life.  With this kind of faith, nothing will be impossible for God.
  • What began as ordinary and what began as impossible will quickly turn into the extraordinary, with a little bit of faith in your situation.

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