There is nothing like being involved in planting a church.  The thrill and the joy of seeing a person come through the door and accept Jesus into their heart is unparalleled. We have had the wonderful privilege of leading several dozen people to the Lord in a few short months at EPIC and that is exciting.  That is truly what we are all about.

We live in a day and age when people, and even Christians at times, are all about numbers, all about security, and all about power.  That has become the celebration, that has become the goal, and that has become what drives people.  But I am so thankful and privileged to be apart of a ministry team and church that does not focus on that.  That is because we know that the celebration, for us, takes place through salvation.  That is what our conversations series is all about.  It’s about creating and cultivating conversations that lead to conversions.

It is then that the celebration of salvation begins.  It takes you and I reaching out to the world, giving them and showing them Jesus.  They are tired of hearing about man made things that fade away, they are tired of hearing about people that fail because they have no true meaning and dedication in life, and they are tired of having nothing to live for.  So let’s give them Jesus. Let’s give them Salvation. Let’s give them a CELEBRATION!

When people come through the door and accept Jesus into their heart, when they are baptized in water, and when they begin to live for Christ, don’t just treat it like it’s just another day.  You know where you were when He found you; you were a wretch that needed His grace and He was the only one that could save you. So instead, let’s celebrate with those who are finding Salvation, not in the world, but in Jesus.

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