1.  I turned 19 a week ago and I have finally realized that I am getting old.

2.  I am excited for the next phase of EPIC Church.  The best is yet to come.

3.  I have been listening to a lot of sermons lately from Pastors all across the nation.  I love self-feeding.

4.  EPIC Worship is getting ready to go to the next level. Get ready folks.

5.  One of my favorite TV shows is So You Think You Can Dance. There is some serious talent on this show.

6.  I have a number of friends and family members that are dealing with serious sickness. I am continually praying for those that are going through the worst trials of their life.

7.  I love making lists (shocker right?).  I have been developing many lists of my favorite things.  I will be revealing them soon.

8.  I can’t wait for the start of the NBA season.  This summer has been one for the ages.  Lots of action – lots of trades and moves.

9.  I just found out that Rick Warren is addressing the Friday Business Session at the AG General Council this year.  Should be fun.

10.  I’m preaching at EPIC in August.  I can’t wait to deliver God’s word again.

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