1. On Friday I had lunch with some friends at BD’s Mongolian Barbecue.  It was great!

2.  I ran a few errands on Friday and finished up some things for EPIC on Sunday.

3.  I went down to the Plaza on Friday night.  I hit up California Pizza Kitchen with my friend Kaleb and we toured the Plaza.

4.  I slept in on Saturday morning.  I relaxed all afternoon.

5.  I ate at Arby’s on Saturday night for the first time in a while.  I love that place!

6.  We had a good day at EPIC on Sunday despite the weather and a number of issues that we had.  Jason did a great job speaking on God is Jealous.  You can listen to the message here.

7.  I went to Ryan’s with some friends on Sunday afternoon.  I ate way too much.

8.  While we were at Ryan’s we saw a pretty interesting character getting some food at the buffet.  Take a look at the pic.

9.  We had a fun staff hangout on Sunday night.  It was a great time of food, fun, and games.  We played a long game of cranium, that my team eventually lost.

10.  I hit the pillow hard on Sunday night after a long week and weekend.

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