1.  On Friday I took a day trip to Lawrence, Kansas for ministry.  It was a good time of connection.

2.  I spent my Friday night at the movies.  I love seeing new movies that are making it big.

3.  On Saturday I started my 4th of July off by sleeping in!

4.  On Saturday afternoon I went to the City Market in downtown KC.  I love the sweet smell of summer barbecue and seeing all the shops and vendors that our there.

5.  I spent Saturday Evening with some good friends.  We enjoyed some great barbecue and shot off a multitude of fireworks.  It was fun.

6.  Late Saturday night I saw the Independence fireworks.  They were fantastic!

7.  We had a great day at EPIC on Sunday.  I love it when God shows up and everything goes right!

8.  I joined a number of friends from EPIC at the Pizza Street Buffet on Sunday for lunch.  It was great having a bunch of us together for lunch!

9.  I took a nice nap on Sunday afternoon.

10.  I ended my weekend with a sweet bike ride on the Little Blue Bike Trace.  Sweet paths and even better scenery. I may have to go back today!

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