Have you ever been told that you were weird?  Maybe slightly different?  Out of control?  Out of shape?  Out of color? Maybe even out of the ordinary? I have been told on more than one occasion that I am not normal.  I am okay with that and if you are anywhere in the boat with me, then you should be too.

Here’s why I’m okay with that:  Jesus was not ordinary! He was the farthest from it.  People either hated Him or loved Him.  To those around Him, Jesus was just weird. But people followed Him.  Why? Because there was something about Him that was different. There was something about Him that drew others in.  There was something about Him that caused people to follow Him.

The reality is that nobody follows the ordinary! The most power leaders, villains, and heroes in the history of the world, chose to be different.  That’s why people followed them.  If Jesus would have been an ordinary man with an ordinary father and an ordinary life, then no one would have followed Him. But because he was an extraordinary man, with an extraordinary father and an extraordinary life, people followed Him and continue to follow Him

I am okay with being weird and out of the ordinary because I know that’s what it took for Jesus to have the people around accept Him into their hearts and lives. I am willing to do whatever it takes to have that happen again.  I will be different so that the people around me have the opportunity to accept Jesus into their hearts and lives.  Nobody follows the ordinary.

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