1.  I started my weekend off on the wrong foot. The majority of my Friday was spent trying to figure out what was wrong with my car after having trouble starting it the day before.

2.  To my amazement the mechanics that looked at my car could find nothing wrong with it and it’s been starting up fine ever since!  I’m giving all credit to God on this one.

3.  I found myself ridiculously tired on Friday night.  So after finishing up a few graphics for EPIC, I cooked up some ramen noodles and relaxed for the night.

4.  On Saturday I looked over a few thing for EPIC on Sunday.  I also did some laundry and reading as well.

5.  We had a great day at EPIC on Sunday.  We continued our God Is series with God Is Our Father.

6.  We showed a video clip about Rick & Dick Hoyt for Father’s Day.  Our fathers all received mugs for Father’s Day.

7.  I had a great Father’s Day dinner with friends on Sunday afternoon.

8.  After dinner on Sunday I went home and crashed.

9.  On Sunday afternoon I watched one of my favorite movies, National Treasure.

10.  On Sunday evening I looked over some potential options for classes in the fall.  I’m excited about heading back to college in the fall.

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