1.  On Friday I had a great ministry meeting with Bobby, and then had lunch at one of the best places to get Mexican food in Kansas City- Chapala’s.

2.  On Friday night I watched the Red Wings vs. Penguins game.  I was sad to see the Red Wings lose and not win back to back championships.

3.  I was slept in Saturday Morning.

4.  I had lunch with my roomate Brian on Saturday and we hit up Walmart with a bunch of other crazy shoppers.

5.  My Saturday afternoon was spent finishing up some things for EPIC Sunday and playing my new favorite app “Paper Toss” via my iPhone.

6.  On Sunday morning we had a great day at EPIC.  God never ceases to amaze me.

7.  I slept from the end of service right up until our EPIC Staff Meeting on Sunday night- it was great.

8.  I had a great time at our EPIC Staff Meeting.  God has some great things in store for EPIC, and the best is yet to come!

9.  After our EPIC Staff Meeting, we hit up BD’s Mongolian Barbecque.  That place is on my list of things that have changed my life.

10.  I ended my weekend by watching the Los Angeles Lakers win their 15th NBA Championship. Kudos to Coach Phil Jackson, Kobe and the rest of the team for a job well done!

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