This is a new segment on Look for it on either Tuesdays or Thursdays of each week.

1.  EPIC Church is on the move.  God has some great things in store for us.

2.  Apple is killing me with all of it’s new products and updates.  I really want to buy the new iPhone 3GS.

3.  My new favorite pastime is working on my car (structurally, not mechanically).  I am thrilled that Roger Penske bought Saturn. Now my 12 year old Saturn wagon doesn’t have to be an orphan.

4.  Ministry is about people. I made this very clear in my post from last week.  But just in case you didn’t know, ministry is about people!

5.  I enjoyed editing some video today from our EPIC Life event this past Sunday.  I love being creative and relevant.

6.  I’m looking forward to the Lakers vs. Magic game tonight.

7.  I’m also looking forward to the Red Wings vs. Penguins game tonight.

8.  I love the championship time of pro sports.

9.  God is continuing to help me focus in on my gifts and passions here at EPIC…it’s awesome.

10.  I’m having lunch at Culver’s tomorrow.

11.  Our God is series at EPIC is in full forward motion.  We are joining in with over 1500 churches across the country in one EPIC series.

12.  I love listening to the top jazz section of aol radio.

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