1.  Last week I spent some time back home in Michigan.  It was good to be home again.

2.  On Saturday morning I had breakfast with the family.

3.  I hopped on a plane at 1:30pm for a connecting flight in Chicago.  Then I took a final flight to Michigan.

4.  Once I landed in Kansas City I found out that the airline had lost my luggage…such is life.

5.  When I got home I checked out my car that had some work done this week.  I love when my car is in tip top shape.

6.  On Saturday evening I spent some time with some friends.  I love hanging out with friends and beating them in overrated card games.

7.  We had a great service at EPIC on Sunday.  We also had a great group of first time guests.  God is still moving at EPIC!

8.  On Sunday afternoon the airline delivered my luggage to my house.  You don’t even know how relieved I was!

9.  On Sunday evening we had our EPIC Life event at Baumgardner Park in Blue Springs.  Thankfully, the rain held off.  The weather reports indicated that the storm literally went around us.  Props to God for that one.

10.  At our EPIC Life event we had our first water baptism. It was a powerful time seeing people take the next step in their walk with Christ.  If you weren’t there you really missed out!  I’ll be posting some video of the event in the coming days.

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