1.  On Saturday we got our new office setup at the EPIC House.  We’re hoping that it becomes a great place of work and study.

2.  Also on Saturday, I worked on some new graphics for EPIC.  I always love when I’m able to be creative in this way.

3.  After much patience and anticipation, I  finally had the opportunity to visit the Truman Library on Saturday Afternoon.

4.  I enjoyed my visit to the library.  It was a humbling experience to see the written notes of a president, to see the office in which he worked, and to even visit his grave site.

5.  On Saturday evening I continued to prepare for my upcoming message at EPIC.  I’m looking forward to TiVo Recommends on March 24th…can’t wait!

6.  Sunday was Mother’s Day…it was the first one that I’ve spent away from my mom and grandma!

7.  We had a great time at EPIC.  We took pictures of our moms and their families; they’ll receive and 8 x 10  print of the pictures next Sunday.

8.  I had dinner with my “2nd” family on Sunday afternoon.  It was a great meal.

9.  I spent my Sunday afternoon relaxing and watching the NBA Playoffs.

10.  Before I hit the sack on Sunday night I did some studying and work for my finals this week…school’s almost done for the summer!

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