4.  The importance of effective preaching

-The enemy of excellent preaching is busyness; spend adequate time preparing and researching your messages.

-Speak to the mind; help your people learn something new each week.

-Inspire them in some way; speak to their heart.

-Give them a specific example of how they can respond to the message.

5.  Whatever it takes

-The successful church is willing to do the things an unsuccessful church isn’t willing to do.

6.  The power of outstanding follow-up and follow through

-Consistent and clear follow up is the key.

-Remember it’s about people and relationships.

(Church of the Resurrection visits every household that visits their church, on that Sunday night or the following Monday.  The family receives a gift and a thank you, that’s all.  Out of the first 400 people at Church of the Resurrection there was only 1 that didn’t return to the church, after this follow up. )

7.  The reverse diamond principle

-Adam Hamilton believes that discipleship is beginning to happen in a different pattern then Rick Warren’s diamond.

-The original pattern is somewhat like this:

1.  Commit to Jesus & the Church; 2.  Grow in Maturity; 3.  Serve in Ministry; 4.  Reach out the the world.

-What is beginning to happen now is:

1.  People are beginning to see Jesus through reaching out to the world (missions trips, food pantries, etc.)

2.  Then people are getting a passion for consistent ministry.

3.  They then grow in maturity by serving in ministry.

4.  Finally we see them commit to Jesus and the Church, usually more effectively.

I hope that these are useful tips for ministry.

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