adamOn Tuesday at an A/G Sectional lunch, I had the opportunity to listen to Adam Hamilton share a few principles on leadership in the church.  Adam Hamilton pastors the largest United Methodist Church in the nation.  Church of the Resurrection is located in Leawood, Kansas and is home to 12,000+ members.  Here are a few notes that I took on the principles that Adam gave.

1.  Follow Jesus’ Lead:

-As leaders of the church, we need to be like Jesus all of the time.

-You can’t lead people somewhere you’re not planning on going.

-The people that know you the best, should respect you the most.

-Don’t use your church to meet your self-esteem needs.

2.  Change, Improve, Innovate or Die!

-You must have a willingness to adapt to the changes around you.

3.  Clarify your MVP: Mission, Vision, and Plan

-Mission: Why are we here?

-Vision: Where are we heading?

-Pain a picture of how cool your church’s vision is so that people get excited about it.

-Know, Breathe, and Live the vision of your church

-Make the vision clear from the forefront.  If your church begins to sink you can’t clarify the vision then.  You can’t move the deck chairs on the titanic.

-Plan: How are we going to get there?

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