1.  Last week I spent some time down in Springfield, Missouri with Bobby Hawk.  We had a chance to meet with a number of great ministry people.  We also had a great time connecting and doing some strategic planning for the future.

2.  I had a quick turn around time getting ready for this past weekend.

3.  We had our last EPIC Kids Club this past Saturday.  We are doing some strategic planning on how we can do it even better in the fall.

4.  Saturday was a day of relaxing and preparation for ministry on Sunday.

5.  Sunday morning we had our first weekend experience since our public launch.  Our launch month was awesome!  God did some awesome things that are going to help us gain momentum through this summer and do some great things in the fall of this year.

6.  Sunday we kicked off our TiVo series.  It’s a fun series where we have the opportunity to take a look into our past and our future.  I’m going to be concluding the TiVo series on May 24th with TiVo Remembers.  I’m looking forward to preaching at EPIC again!

7.  On Sunday afternoon I went to a graduation party.  I also caught some of the NBA Playoffs.  This is a great year to be a fan of the NBA…but a terrible year to be a fan of the Detroit Pistons.  The Pistons were swept in the first round of the playoffs by Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

8.  On Sunday we had our EPIC Connection at the EPIC House.

9.  The EPIC Connection is a great time to hear the vision and ministry philosophy of EPIC Church.

10.  I concluded my weekend tossing around a football and playing some bocce ball with the EPIC Staff.

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