On Sunday we started our TiVo series at EPIC. The first message was TiVo Remembers. One of the things that Bobby hit on is the fact that we need to remember the past as we charge forward. He said that it’s like driving a car and looking up at your rear view mirror- you glance up at it to see what is behind you, while still looking forward at what’s coming ahead.

I have a lot of things in my rear view mirror– some good and some bad. There are times when I want to focus into those things too deeply, and I lose focus of what is coming ahead. The reality is that I don’t have to focus in on the past, but I can remember what Christ has brought me through, by His power and His spirit.

You may dread what you have done in the past. You may have made some of the worst mistakes. Your past may be dark and gloomy. But here is the awesome, simple truth: through Christ those things are in your rear view mirror and your future is bright! You don’t have to wade in those things, you can simply remember what God has done for you.

So what’s in your rear view mirror? But more importantly, what’s ahead of you?


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