1.  Friday night I hung out with the Solomon family.  It was a great time of food and fun!

2.  Saturday morning we had the EPIC Kids Club.  I’m pretty sure that it was the best one yet.

3.  On Saturday afternoon I received a couple of items in the mail from friends in Michigan.  The love was well received!

4.  Also on Saturday afternoon I finished up the layout for the new epic website.  The new website will launch in less than 2 weeks!

5.  Saturday evening I spent some time at IHOP.  It’s always good to remember why we do what we do!

6.  Sunday morning we had a great service at EPIC.  We had a good number of first time guests.   Our launch team is gettin’ at it!

7.  Sunday afternoon I watched the Detroit Pistons lose yet another game.  It’s a sad season for Detroit basketball fans.

8.  On Sunday I also spent some time catching up on the NCAA Tournament…go Michigan State!

9.  Sunday evening we had our EPIC Staff Meeting.

10.  EPIC has the best staff in the world.  I’m truly blessed to serve with you guys!

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