1. Late Friday afternoon I spent some time at Starbucks…I love the conversation that brews there!

2.  Friday night we had a practice for worship on Sunday.  It was a good time getting some things planned out.

3.  On Friday night I watched “The family that preys” with some friends.  It was a good time – another Tyler Perry hit!

4.  Saturday morning we had a creative team meeting.  It was 4 hours of planning and creativity.

5.  On Saturday afternoon I got some Mug’s Up with my buddy Shawn.  Shawn was thrilled about this new experience!

6.  Also on Saturday afternoon, I drove into downtown Kansas City.  It was good to spend some time in the city.

7.  On Sunday morning we had our 11th service at EPIC.

8.  It was a great morning.  God is continuing to move and prepare us for our public launch.

9.  On Sunday afternoon I relaxed and watched the bracketology for the NCAA tournament.

10.  Sunday evening I went on a short bike ride.  I then ended the evening with some ice cream from coldstone creamery…making it a great end to a great weekend.

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