1.  I had one action packed weekend to say the least!

2.  On Friday night I finished some prep for the weekend at Starbucks.  Gotta love a good Vanilla Bean Frap!

3.  On Saturday morning we had another session of the EPIC Kids Club.  I’m super pumped about the future of the EPIC Kids Club.

4.  Saturday was a day of relaxing and studying.  I got lots of work done for Sunday.

5.  On Sunday I got to preach at EPIC Church!  I loved it.

6.  I spoke on “The Greatest Commandment.”  You can listen to the message here.  You can also get some follow up notes here.

7.  Leading worship and preaching Sunday wore me out, but it definitely was great feeling.  Nothing beats being used by God.

8.  On Sunday night the EPIC Staff got together for a night of pizza and fun!

9.  I beat Bobby in tennis on his Nintendo Wii.  It was a great feeling.  I also made a fool of myself playing Wii boxing.  Needless to say, this weekend had it’s highs and lows!

10.  On Sunday night I got home sore and wore out.  There’s nothing like a great end, to a great weekend.

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