1.  Friday night I went out to IHOP.  I had a great time there.  I went to bed at the very late (or early) hour of 3:ooam after playing cards with some friends.  It was good fun!

2.  We had another great day at the EPIC Kids Club on Saturday.  During this first semester we are teaching the kids about the ten commandments with the help of the character Johnny Cross.   The kids are loving this character.

3.  Saturday afternoon, we had our first creative team meeting for EPIC Church.  It was a great time of ideas and fun.  Looking forward to our spring experiences!

4.  I had a great time of relaxing on Saturday night after a busy couple of days.  I finally had the opportunity to catch up on my DVR.

5.  Sunday morning we had the EPIC Experience, with some new changes.  Still trying to make things great for those coming to the theater each week.

6.  EPIC Worship was awesome.  We introduced the song “When I Speak Your Name.”  You can check it out here.

7.  Sunday night a few of us got together at the EPIC House.

8.  I couldn’t win a game of scattergoties!

9.  I enjoyed winning 2/3 games of euchre with Brian!

10.  I ended my night catching the tail end of the Oscars…still hoping that the Curious Case of Benjamin Button would do well.

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