1.  The job hunt was on this past week.  That and a couple of planning meetings for EPIC made it a busy week.

2.  I didn’t even get a post in last week…we’ll change that this week!

3.  Friday night I worked on some of the new creative elements of EPIC Church.  I can’t wait to get some of our new stuff in print and on the web.

4.  Saturday morning we tightened up some loose ends at the Pharaoh Theater.  We want the EPIC Experience to continue to get better!

5.  Saturday afternoon I planned out what I need to do this week.  It should be a busy one again!

6.  Saturday night I went out to IHOP in Kansas City.  It was a great time of worship and prayer.  You can check out some of their music here.

7.  Sunday morning I got my usual early jump on the day.  I love waking up early on Sundays.

8.  The Pharaoh Theater has been a big help in helping us get additional power in the theaters we use on Sundays.  Some it was setup yesterday – It was awesome!

9.  We had a staff meeting for EPIC Sunday night.  It is exciting to serve with a team that is serious about seeing the vision of EPIC Church succeed.  I can’t wait to see what God has in store.

10.  I ended my weekend enjoying some great food at the Cheesecake Factory with our staff team!

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