1. Thursday was my last day at Royal Signs & Graphics.  I was let go as a result of slow business.  Needless to say, this gave me an early jump on the weekend.
  2. I was able to get a lot accomplished at Starbucks on Friday night.  My brain seems to work well around coffee and random people that I don’t know.
  3. Saturday morning we had a great session of The EPIC Kids Club. There were 20 amazing kids; We had a blast!
  4. I played my “Crazy Blue” character again.  Those of you from PFWC will remember this guy.
  5. Saturday was a gorgeous day in the Kansas City area.  Couldn’t ask for better weather.
  6. Sunday Morning we made an EPIC announcement, literally.
  7. We are moving our public launch up to April instead of September (check out Bobby’s Blog for more details).
  8. God is still moving in our services at EPIC.  He is growing us in every way!
  9. Sunday morning we did a great worship song called “The Stand” by Hillsong.  You can listen to it again here.
  10. I wrapped up my weekend hangin’ with some friends and watching classic episodes of Saved By the Bell!

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