1.  On Saturday morning we were able to get some things done at the Pharaoh Theater…preparing and planning for the future!

2.  It was good to relax during the day on Saturday…I love weekend quiet time.

3.  Late Saturday afternoon, Charissa and I practiced for EPIC Worship on Sunday.  I am excited about what God is going to do through our worship team.

4.  On Saturday night I spent some time at Starbucks and then I hit up IHOP with Ammi-El.  God is doing some awesome things in me through this place.

5.  I got an early jump Sunday morning at 5:30am before we loaded and setup for EPIC Church.  The setup team is tearin’ it up every week.

6.  On Sunday we had our 5th service at EPIC.  It is hard to believe it.  We declared how truly worthy God is at the EPIC Experience on Sunday!

7.  We had the ultimate super bowl party at the EPIC House Sunday night!

8.  We had great food, good people, and even crazy kids running around.

9.  I was rooting for the Steelers all the way.  They pulled it out in an amazing win.

10.  I ended the weekend playing Family Feud with some friends and watching the latest episode of The Office with Brian.

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