That is a rhetorical question for you and a “serious” one for me.  “Do I take myself too seriously?” is the question I began to ask myself several days ago.

It is true that many leaders take themselves too seriously.  These leaders are always all about work and are never about play.  I quickly realized that that wasn’t me.  But I also realized that there have been times that I have taken myself too seriously.

“But maybe it is necessary in my case,” was my next thought.  I grew up without a father figure around for most of life.  Maybe I still need to compensate for his lack of maturity.

Here is my answer.  Yes, there are times when I need to be serious.  Yes, because of where I am at in life I need to accept responsibility and be a mature adult.  Do I need to be crazy serious all the time?  No, absolutely not at all.

So take a load off with me, enjoy life, kick back and relax…just for a little while!

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