At 10:00am, the first service of EPIC Church began at the Pharaoh Theater in Independence.  There were thirty five people in attendance.  That is thirty five chances for connection, thirty five potential salvations, and even thirty ministers or missionaries in the making.

By 10:05am, Charissa and I were finishing up our first song.  It was during this song that I realized that we were quite possibly going to have our second “glitch.”  I glanced over to the second song in the order, “Sing to the King”  and suddenly realized that we had changed the key of that song in practice and that I had totally forgotten.  Thankfully, I realized it before 10:05am and was prepared to do some transposing in my head!

By 10:10am, I began to welcome the first attenders of EPIC Church.  First time guests received a welcome bag with an EPIC bookmark, a set of invite cards, and an EPIC stress ball in the shape of a popcorn bucket which reads, “Thanks for popping in!” (Creative?  I think so!)

At 10:20am, our fourth song was ending and it was truly a testimony to how the day was.  The songs was, “How Great Is Our God.”  We are declaring that at EPIC Church for eternity.

By 10:30am, the offering had been taken up, the podcast recording had begun and Bobby Hawk began to preach.

The verses were read, the points were hit, the message was clear…EPIC Church was planted.

At 11:00am, I walked to the keyboard and began to play…the prayer was given, the response was open, the kingdom was waiting.

By 11:10am, we were playing our last song, knowing that the best was still yet to come.  At 11:15am, the first service at EPIC Church ended…

To be continued…

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