This Sunday I will be heading home to Pontiac, Michigan.  This is a joyous time; I can’t wait to see my friends and family back home.  At the same time this trip will in a way be the “calm before the storm.”  When I arrive back in Missouri on January 1st, 2009, I will literally hit the ground running.

On January 4th, we will launch EPIC Church.  If you’re a consistent reader of this blog you already know this.  January 3rd, will be a full prep day and January 10th, we will launch the EPIC Kids Club.

Together EPIC is seeking to reach pre-churched and de-churched people bringing them back to Christ.

We need your prayers in this momentous time.  The task is large and the possibilities are limitless.  Our God is big and he is still in the saving business.  We are giving everything we have to give and that includes everything that we have.

Here are three big things that you can pray with us about:

  1. Families – Pray that God would continue to send us great families.  Both families that feel a call to serve, and families in desperate need of Christ.
  2. Finances – Pray that God would continue to meet our needs in this tough economy.
  3. Faithfulness – Pray that our team would continue to be faithful to the cause, trusting in God for everything.

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