A week ago today I started a new job.  I was excited to finally have a new job after struggling so hard to find one.  But when I walked in for my interview last Monday it all made sense.  I walked in and began to talk to the owner of Royal Signs & Graphics in Blue Springs, MO.  Mark’s wife Cheryl told me when I originally applied for the job that it was a “Christian” business, and of course I thought that was cool.

As I talked to Mark, the owner, he asked me about EPIC Church.  I told him that we were a new and vibrant church launching in the Independence area.  He asked, “What Denomination?” I told him that we were affiliated with the Assemblies of God.  He said “Wow it’s interesting that you would say that because I’m an ordained minister of the Assemblies of God!”  I said WHAT!?

I sometimes question God, OK I question God a lot.  I often wonder why he always waits until the last minute to come through to save us and rescue us.  But I know that it’s so that we’ll have no question of who brought the victory when it comes.

Not only is Mark a Pastor, but he’s a great boss who is flexible with me and willing to work with my holiday schedule, as well as my ministry schedule.  That’s awesome! That’s God!

2 thoughts on “A week ago today…

  1. I’m guessing it is like a movie.

    If all was happy and all problems were fixed in no time and all main characters were perfect since the beginning, it would be BORING! and i would say that that movie was terrible!!!…

    I think God likes to make our lifes exciting at every moment and for that to happen there most be suspense so we really enjoy when thinks are solved.

    My favorite movies are the ones that make me think there is not a way out and at the very end, the author finds the weirdest way to save the day haha

    God is awesome!

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