Here’s the latest top 10 update on EPIC Church…

1.  The entire team is here…and it’s been a pretty smooth transition.

2.  We will be starting a kids program much like the Power Company Kid’s Club in Pontiac, MI.

3.  The EPIC Kid’s Club will start at the Noland Fashion Cinema at Noland Rd. & 40 Hwy in Independence.

4.  EPIC Church will start at the Pharaoh 4, downtown at the Independence Square.

5.  We have some pretty sweet housing, office, and storage “doors” opening potentially.

6.  I’m all set to start taking some college classes in the spring.

7.  Despite the BIG move I’m beginning to miss some of my Michiganders (especially the Pistons!).

8.  I’m excited to start getting the EPIC Church website rolling again…you’ll see the full website soon!

9.  I’m looking forward to meeting some new people and musicians as I get out into the community!

10.  God is here with us and continues to prove himself faithful!


Stay Tuned for More Updates…

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