The People:

Over the past 3 months I have gotten to know a few interesting people at the Oakland Press.  I have worked with all kinds of people, from all over the spectrum.  I have worked with former and current drug addicts, former and current alcoholics, people who have been to prison, jail, and our currently on parole, users, abusers, people who have babies out of wedlock like nobodies business, even one who had an abortion and not to mention a few Christians.  I am glad to say that I have loved each and every one of them.

These are not just “sinners,”  they are people who need Christ just like I do everyday.  I can only pray that the conversations and the moments that I’ve had with each and everyone of them (whether or not they were about Christ)  have planted a seed that someone else will water in the future.  The majority of my co-workers have no concept of real love, and absolutely no concept of Christ’s love.

It is our job as Christians to show Christ’s love to the world.  In doing that we can very easily become “Christ” to them.  They’re always looking at us, waiting for us to make the wrong move or to make a mistake.  That’s why we must live our lives for the Christ, all of the time, so that the world can see Him through us; we have no room for “hypocrites.”  If we [Christians] behave like hypocrites then we may burn any opportunity for them to have Christ in their lives.

I have loved the people at the Oakland Press.  Their love for each other and the work.   Sure there have been bumps in the road, but I have been blessed to have worked around some truly loving people.

One thought on “What I Will Miss About the Oakland Press: Part 2

  1. Dustin,

    Hey there. I don’t think you know me. My name is Jack Thomas. I am good friends with Bobby Hawk which it sounds like from your blog you just might know who he is…haha. Hey I just found your blog and have been reading some posts. I am guessing that you are moving to Kansas City to help with Bobby’s new church plant. I too will be planting a church soon and know how important it is we have people like you who are willing to follow the call and voice of God! I just wanted to encourage you and commend your big move! Go God!

    Bless you!

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