The Job:

I have been privileged to have had an awesome job at the Oakland Press for the past 3 months.  But that all comes to an end this Friday, as I begin the final countdown for my move to Kansas City.  There are several things that I want to highlight about the Oakland Press; things that have affected me greatly.

Working in the Packaging Department at the Oakland Press isn’t very difficult at all.  Pulling papers off the press, loading inserts, and stacking bundles are all things that I have done.  It has been a blessing!

I have been blessed to have a bible believing Christian as a boss!  One who understands all that I want to be, and why I live the way I do.  I have been blessed to work alongside Brian Sizemore, who is moving along with me to Kansas City and who understands good kingdom work.

So as I begin to wrap my time at the Press.  I know that I will miss the job itself.  The consistent pay, the lengthy lunches, and the simplicity of it all.

But, I look forward to the future…I can only pray that the blessings in the future turn out to be as great as this one has been for the past 3 months.

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