Imagine yourself locked in box with mirrors covering the inside.  You have the opportunity to get to know yourself extremely well.  But the problems is that you have no idea of what is on the outside.  I believe that this is the downfall of a Christian.  We know ourselves all to well (or we think we do), which can be a good thing.  But, knowing who we are is only beneficial if we begin to realize what is outside the box.

Our true potential is unlimited.  We can never truly know where we will end up (Jer 29:11).  But, we each have a goal and a prize that we must be working toward (Hebrews 12:1-3).  Unlocking your potential is not easy and will not be easy…but it is key that is needed in the growth process.  Knowing who you are in Christ is the key to stepping outside the box and seeing what God has on the outside.

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